The Art Of Bad Writing

I don’t know why I say that when the majority, if not all of my #writing is not “bad”. In fact I am usually aware when my writing has gone sour because I will delete everything that I have written (even if it is 10K+ words) and start over. Now is probably a bad time to plug my e-book “Littered Thoughts” linked on, but I am reminded of it because it is the only e-book that is avail from me even though I had written (and published) several in the past. I don’t delete them out of self-destruction but out of self-care. I don’t want people reading garbage. LT is certainly not garbage.

So anyway, MMMhub – I write the conclusion to the project tonight but I am still, of course, unable to make it into the Website it will one day become because I do not have #iPadOS, yet. Soon, though. Soon. The project will be “done” tonight (the content), just nothing will be “designed”, that’s all.

Speaking of #design ideas, I have a lot for It is always good to have multiple things going, I find, as long as you are making progress on all of them on the reg. I added another page to the notes in my IdeaBook notebook that I keep offline, and I am pretty excited about the whole thing.

Be back in a bit!